On the Cutting Edge

The GITA leverages extensive industry experience and IT best-practices for a simple reason; to empower customers to become heroes in responding to competitive and business needs. It is our commitment to make them excel.

Through collaborative long-term relationships, GITA customers become more effective and achieve and sustain measurable results. We couldn’t be prouder.

GITA offers customers a platform to fulfill international IT requirements where quality, consistency, and ease of doing business are part of the solution, not the problem.

The Face of GITA

Our sales teams are the face of GITA, so we work hard to ensure they are ready to face the most complex challenges. Whether the account executive is local or in a market abroad, peer-to-peer relationships between members and open communication drive successful business engagements with customers.

To ensure consistency across the globe, the Alliance has built a simple, repeatable business model with a solid governance structure. We’ve trained our teams on this model so that they can act quickly and efficiently throughout the lifecycle of an engagement. That not only allows them to act with confidence, but it instills confidence in the end user.

GITA Solutions Offerings

Professional Services

We provide deep subject matter expertise and utilize proven technology solutions as well as a complete lifecycle of consulting and advisory services.

Solutions include:
Cloud (Adoption, Security, Design, Governance, Automation, DevOps, Hybrid Cloud), Infrastructure (Server, Compute, Storage, Networking, Mobility, Virtualization, Hybrid IT, HyperConverged, Data Protection, DR), Security, Unified Communications

Managed Services

Our managed services reduce overhead, boost productivity and improve efficiency. Proactive measures such as monitoring and health checks can keep business on track and prevent problems from intensifying.

Solutions include:
Managed Infrastructure, Managed Cloud, Application Management, Managed Security, Managed Workplace, Service Desk

Lifecycle Services

We perform full lifecycle support on multi-vendor, multi-platform hardware and software; from equipment purchase and rollout through asset retirement. Our custom SLAs ensure business operations consistently meet business demands.

Solutions include: Factory Services, Deployment Services, Support Services (HW/SW Support; Break-fix), IMAC Services, and Asset Disposition Services

Procurement Services

Our goal is to provide rich, personalized customer procurement experiences that adapt to a business’s needs in real time. We seek to deliver the right technology and information where and when it’s needed and to help improve procurement productivity, experience and performance.

Solutions include: Hardware & Software Procurement; Web-Based B2B Solutions

Financial Services

Geographically dispersed organisations, in particular, seek to harmonise high quality and economic efficiency across national and international sites. Our financial services help you unlock extraordinary financial advantages, unimaginable flexibility, razor-sharp planning and total transparency. We keep your IT, budget, and future in balance.

Solutions include: Consultation, Structuring, Workplace, Financing/Leasing

The GITA Ambassador

The GITA Ambassador is the backbone for our successful peer-to-peer model, is sales-minded in an international playing field, and actively serves as an advocate for the local sales teams.

Each organisation within the GITA Alliance has an Ambassador who acts as the member’s team lead for international business. The Ambassador is a bi-directional resource, communicating both from the member to the Alliance and vice-versa; however the Ambassador also works directly with sales teams to ensure exquisite solution delivery, enhanced customer experience, and consistency.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working as the international representative for the sales company and keeping the local executive management updated about the activities
  • Being the “first point of contact” for their respective sales team
  • Working on international RFPs
  • Building new international business within the existing local business
  • Training/educating the staff on international topics
  • Serving as an active member of the GITA-Community
  • Writing & Driving a country/company specific Business-Plan
  • Internal Reporting Structures
  • Visiting local customers to represent GITA
  • Understanding and documenting customer needs

The Global IT Alliance is driven by a passion for personal engagement, competence, speed, quality and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

The Global IT Alliance is a living, breathing organisation. And as it changes, we are continuously improving both as an organisation and in the way we serve our customers.

A continual improvement culture is embedded into the fabric of our Alliance. We consistently capture baselines and benchmarks as future reference points and employ methodologies such as data analysis, reporting, and evaluating.

The GITA Continuous Improvement Cycle is based on a four-phase methodology: Plan, Do, Check, and Act. These four steps are carried out in the same order as many times as necessary to achieve the improvement desired.

Some of the items that occur during each of the 4 phases:

Plan: Design: Scope, requirements, objectives, roles and responsibilities

Do: Pilot: Funds, policies, reports, managing, changing

Check: Results: Monitor against plans, survey, report

Act: Rollout: Policies on improvement, assessment, communication, implementation

The primary goal of our improvement is to ensure that our customers consistently receive agreed-to levels of services and that future services are aimed toward achievable targets.

Because business requirements can quickly change, we always want to be ready.

Regardless of whether a change or improvement is necessary today, we are constantly measuring for the future. We proactively seek and implement improvements, keeping our customers’ experience as our greatest priority.

There are four main reasons to monitor and measure:

Validate: Are we supporting the strategy and vision?

Direct: Based on factual data, people can be guided to change behavior.

Justify: Do we have the right people, targets and metrics?

Intervene: Can we take corrective actions such as identifying improvement opportunities?

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