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The Global IT Alliance (GITA)

GITA provides global reach with local value, service and experience to enable successful IT solutions for multinational organisations. We are an alliance of OEM-validated providers with an international presence, but we offer local solutions and expertise in your market.

Innovating the Future of IT

Alliance Partners

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Global Customers

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Global Reach Meets Local Value

GITA helps global organisations implement superior IT solutions with consistent service level agreements. We leverage the alliance of a highly efficient IT product and solutions network, strictly orientated around our joint customers’ business needs. GITA includes 12 partner companies strategically situated around the globe to make even the most complex of international business engagements a local experience.

GITA Drives Your Vision, Strategy And Growth

When you need international IT solutions based on quality and trust, we hope you’ll partner with our strategic alliances of world-leading IT providers in territories throughout the world. Our members’ shared vision is to provide you with a global, collaborative, consistent “in country” experience that allows you to stay connected to your primary provider. GITA is the first choice of customers, manufacturers and peers for our excellent people, processes, compliance and consistency.

Why Organisations Choose GITA


The GITA Alliance means you have IT expertise in your neighborhood, backed by IT reach that spans the globe. With a modern IT approach grounded in strength and collaboration, GITA makes the world feel smaller, while bringing an international scope of influence to your home team.


With confidence in your IT partner, you’ll have the freedom to do what you do best. To innovate. To conquer new markets. No matter where your technology partner is located, you’ll get the same cohesive structure, pricing structure and response times all GITA customers enjoy. Bringing global expertise to local partners—it’s how GITA delivers value every day.


The GITA Board of Directors, the backbone of our international alliance, has propelled GITA to grow exponentially over the years. GITA board members are not only executives at their respective organisations, but hold executive relationships with our industry-leading OEM Partners. Their relationships within the industry open direct executive escalation paths and serve as the catalyst for groundbreaking services offerings and innovative solutions, setting industry-wide standards and propelling the industry forward.


GITA doesn’t try to do everything for every organisation. We focus on the areas where we truly excel, and (as a result) our customers excel. We take pride in delivering a familiar “in country” experience, everywhere in the world. We develop solutions and offerings that can be delivered consistently across global landscapes without compromising quality or customer expectations. We make the world feel a little more like home.


Our standard service level agreements ensure customer satisfaction, wherever you do business. A consistent level of expertise and support means you have access to all major manufacturers with standardized solutions and pricing, with no fees or markups. All GITA customers are treated as a priority within the alliance community. That means unmatched customer focus, uncompromised quality, and simple, clear processes no matter where you operate.

GITA Coverage


Coverage in 125+ Countries


Over 400+ OEM Partners


30 Years Experience in Respective Market


100K+ Satisfied Customers

Along with our Premier Partners worldwide, the Global IT Alliance Core Members are: