Whom Do We Serve?

GITA customers from a wide cross-section of industries and range from medium to large multinational enterprises. Although they may be different in size, industry and scope, they do have one thing in common:

GITA customers want to make better, more streamlined decisions for their organisations in a modern IT world.

Every single GITA customer is treated as an alliance priority. With the GITA model, your organisation’s regional office receives the same, in-person care and attention as the headquarters halfway across the globe.

International Business Barriers

International and multinational customers face risk and uncertainty to a degree exponentially higher than their local market counterparts. This is especially true in the realm of IT, where technology and tech requirements are continuously morphing.

Customer pain points often include:

  • Issues standardising solutions globally
  • Dealing with multiple vendors (numerous contracts & contacts)
  • Erratic pricing internationally
  • Language barriers
  • Issues with invoicing in local currency
  • Inability to ship hardware from home country
  • Inconsistent Service levels / Uncontrollable downtime

What Our Customers Can Expect from GITA

GITA gives you expert local knowledge and an outstanding breadth of solutions built on trust, loyalty and transparency. All GITA customers are treated as a priority within the alliance community and can count on:

  • Ease of doing business anywhere in the world
  • Standardised solutions and pricing, with no fees or markups
  • Simple, clear processes
  • Consistent delivery across nations and continents
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Unmatched customer focus
  • No more need to find an IT partner in each country of operation
  • Partner collaboration on global customer financial data and approval
  • Access to all major manufacturers
  • Dedicated local account managers, convenient invoicing and fast delivery
  • Personal and consistent service with prompt and effective escalation points
  • Collaborative pricing with currency consideration
  • Local invoicing, local delivery
  • Web portal by partner, where available
  • Collaborative bid responses – exclusive to GITA customers and members
  • Full customer collaboration with all partners with dedicated AM’s at each partner with fast escalation
  • Widely supported and considerable marketability to OEMs globally

We’ve listened to our customers and have built The GITA Alliance around the values you’ve told us are important to you.

For you, this means:

Dedicated Local Contacts

You have access to trusted IT partners in your country or region.

A Compatible Regulatory Environment

You get reliability, consistency and simplicity, regardless of where your service provider is located.

Fast and Effective Escalation Points

Someone will take ownership of your issues to get you the response you need.

Local Invoicing and Delivery

Dedicated local account managers give you speed and convenience.

Consistent Service Levels

Optimize and steer processes better with standardized, aligned product pricing and delivery.

The Customer Experience

GITA goes a step beyond customer satisfaction. We seek to earn your loyalty. We want customers who know they can always depend on us. Building that loyalty takes time. It doesn’t happen just because we do something right once, but rather because we consistently help our customers overcome daily challenges.

Our standard service level agreements are created to ensure the movement of customer satisfaction to loyalty over time, and across regions.

GITA is all about customer experience and service based on fast quote turnaround, fast response times and fast delivery. Sometimes there are cultural differences of diverging commercial circumstances, which means that lead times may vary. Our strength as GITA members, however, is that we understand those nuances and communicate them to our customers, thereby setting the right expectations.

This is a real GITA advantage and customers appreciate it.

Global Solutions. Local Execution.

Imagine having access to the highest quality IT services and support from all over the world. Imagine having a trusted global network of hand-picked IT providers with aligned service levels, a wide breadth of manufacturer partnerships and portfolios, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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