Microware helps clients during the crisis

With Absolute, Microware helps clients manage and find corporate assets used outside the company during the time of crisis

In times of remote work, IT managers must ask themselves: Do I know exactly where my company’s devices are? Does my company provide adequate security support for the computers used by employees? Is there an asset management by my company that optimizes the IT structure?

Thinking about these issues, Microware started a partnership with Absolute that is capable of providing a corporate support service so that organizations optimize, monitor and protect the endpoints used by the work team wherever they are.

Among the solutions provided by Microware, the services provided by the partnership with Absolute is considered an excellent opportunity to deal with moments of crisis, since it optimizes asset management, minimizes the risk of damage from loss and theft of devices, reduces failures, ransomware and other incidents, resulting in better IT performance and greater resource savings for the entire company.

Microware believes that thinking less-obvious alternatives to deal recessionary times can often mean the light at the end of the tunnel in many business journeys.