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What is DaaS and what are its benefits


By Bernardo Mendoza, Personal Computing and DaaS Manager at Compucentro

What is DaaS?

If we translate it, the term is much better understood as: “Device as a Service”. It is about a provideroffering computer equipment as a service or, in the second case, applications and virtual desktops that are operated and managed from the cloud.

This implies that the supplier becomes a strategic ally of the company, since its position and the quality of the service it provides can yield a good number of benefits for the organization and that is precisely what we are going to explore in the future.

Your IT area

The main benefit is within your own organization, whether it has an IT area or not. In the event that one does not exist, the provider will be in charge of keeping everything that includes the DaaS service in optimal conditions.

This implies that both the company, and the IT area, will be able to focus on the goals of the company and NOT on making the equipment and / or software work.

On the other hand, if the organization has an IT area, it can be benefited in two different ways: with the elimination of the work overload that prevents the full use of technology and, consequently, the other is achieved. benefit, which is to have an enhanced area.

This happens since it is a service that works through a fixed monthly subscription, which reduces the IT workload, since it offloads the administration, maintenance and retirement of assets to a third party.

Expense or investment?

Hiring Managed Computer Services is a smart investment.

We know that an expense is something that never yields a profit, unlike investment. Therefore, another of the benefits of DaaS is that it is an investment that, from its implementation, will allow savings and, by enhancing the IT area, allows profits to come indirectly.

That is, you will convert your capex or acquisition expenses, into opex, as investment per operation. This allows liquidity to be generated quickly, since a monthly payment scheme allows the reduction of the total cost.

Also, unlike a leasing model, Device as a Service offers a service, not just the rental of an asset.