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The Human Aspect in the IT Industry With Laurence Baynham


In the midst of economic recovery during a tumultuous, challenging year, IT companies are seeking support and guidance from their global partners. Collaboration and teamwork has advanced and accelerated what companies can do from their home countries for their customers across the globe, and nothing has tested this more than the global pandemic. As many companies project modest to exponential growth in sales for the coming year, meeting those projections requires new strategies and solutions for working from home, getting products to customers, and maintaining strong relationships with customers locally and internationally. Attracting and retaining the best employees possible has become one of the most important factors in finding success this past year, and the loyalty one has to their employer plays a chief role in that, as well as in the company’s success overall.

This is just some of what’s discussed in this episode of the GITA Interviews, as host and Global IT Alliance Executive Director, Emery Geosits is joined virtually by Laurence Baynham in Australia. Laurence is the CEO of Data3. They also how the pandemic has uniquely affected Australia, which records some of the lowest total case numbers in the world.