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The 5 aspects of cyber security.

German SMEs have long been top targets for cyber-attacks and with good reason. From an attacker’s point of view, the obstacles put in their path are easy to circumvent and successful attacks tend to be uncovered when it’s far too late. Another point is that the damage that can be inflicted on these businesses is comparatively big which is illustrated, for example, by the large ransom that is demanded in the course of an attack. This means that attacks receive big pay-outs for minimal effort.

To try and counteract these developments, businesses are pouring a lot of effort into IT security with the result that the number of manufacturers offering security solutions has grown considerably over the last few years turning the market into an impenetrable jungle. Alongside the large, established players, there are also numerous smaller providers that stand out thanks to their innovative approaches.

All this choice often means customers cannot see the wood for the trees. It’s not enough to combine several security solutions to get the highest levels of protection. In this game of cat and mouse, the attackers will always be on the front foot and businesses have to be prepared.

It’s therefore a good idea to accept the fact that, sooner or later, our company will become the target of a successful attack. Once we’ve got to grips with that, we need to consider four additional aspects of cyber security alongside protection.


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