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Sustainability starts with design – How HP develops resource-saving products.


by  Felix Palm


Businessmen have always said that purchasing is the key to profits, but this idea falls short in today’s world as surveys are increasingly showing that companies and consumers are less likely to to be motivated to make a purchase just because the price is low. Instead, sustainability is growing in importance, with consumers wanting to know how a product was manufactured, how transparent the supply chain is, what working conditions are like at production facilities, and how CO2-neutral the production process is. Modern companies think ahead, always have an eye on the big picture and face up to their sustainability responsibilities.


We are living beyond our means and it’s time to act!

But why is sustainability so important? Let me give you a number to tray and make the topic a bit more tangible—1.7 Earths. This is the amount of resources we humans are consuming every year. We are clearly living well beyond our means and it is time to step up and make changes, particularly in business. When companies set themselves sustainability objectives, they become more attractive to customers, employees and investors.

With this is mind, many businesses have put sustainability objectives on their agendas—including Bechtle and HP. By doing so, we aren’t just taking entrepreneurial and ecological responsibility, but we are also strengthening loyalty among our partners and customers as everyone can monitor how successful we are at achieving our objectives. The strong partnership between Bechtle and HP is further bolstered by similar sustainability goals.


Sustainability – Bechtle and HP’s strategic action areas.

Sustainability is a complex, multi-dimensional topic, which is why it’s important for businesses to break it down into action areas. In its Sustainability Strategy 2030, Bechtle defined four areas of action:


  • Ethical business practices – We fulfil our duty to ensure human rights are respected along our supply chain.
  • We embrace a sustainable environmental approach to conserve our climate and resources into the future. One of Bechtle’s objectives is to become CO2-neutral in the areas of business it has influence.
  • People – We embody fairness and value our business partners and employees
  • Digitalisation – We are shaping a sustainable digital future. This includes expanding our product portfolio with sustainable hardware, software and services.


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