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Severing the Cyber Kill Chain for Peace-of-mind


Cybercrime never sleeps. With more malware in circulation than ever and the proliferation of smarter delivery mechanisms, IT executives are increasingly staying up all night to protect their businesses from cyberattacks.

While being vigilant is always a good thing, there are, however, smarter and much better ways to tackle cyber threats – starting first with knowing the enemy. By understanding the way hackers plan their attacks, IT executives can anticipate their next move and develop a more efficient and effective security strategy. This is the reason why more are turning towards the Cyber Kill Chain1 to plan and execute their cybersecurity strategy.

Developed by Lockheed Martin, the Cyber Kill Chain framework lays bare the seven phases of cyberattacks, from the early reconnaissance to the end objectives of data exfiltration or destruction. By simply applying different security tools on the cyber kill chain steps, IT executives can break this chain and stop intruders.


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