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Off-Highway Powertrain Services GmbH – A stable and future-facing SAP.

As a leading global supplier of high-tech powertrain solutions, Off-Highway Powertrain Services Germany GmbH makes sure every powertrain performs when needed—in industrial, marine and agricultural applications. For the 20 global locations, a joint ERP system in an SAP environment is critical, but the time had come for the operating system and database to be updated. Thanks to Bechtle’s SAP Managed Services, Off-Highway Powertrain Services Germany now works with a stable, future-facing platform and has access to end-to-end support with Bechtle helping maintain the SAP landscape.
Project details.
Managed Services, Software
SAP, Oracle
250–1,500 employees
Off-Highway Powertrain Services is part of the Walterscheid Powertrain Group and provides a wide range of products and services for powertrain systems all planned, managed and organised in a comprehensive SAP landscape that is also used as a central ERP system for finance, controlling and materials management. SAP is, therefore, crucial for operations and production at the company’s sites in Europe, the USA and Asia meaning the systems must always be up-to-date and stable. It became clear during stock-taking that the previously used database solutions and Windows releases would very soon no longer be supported by SAP, which is why a transformation roadmap for a future-proof system landscape was jointly developed. After the upgrade, all SAP systems should run without errors and be managed by experts within the framework of a transition to Managed Services.


“Bechtle carried out the update so quickly and easily that we didn’t even notice it was happening. It was all very impressive and today our systems are all running stably—just as Bechtle promised. They really took care of everything SAP-related so that our IT department could focus on their core tasks.”

Thomas Wasmuth, IS/IT Director Services, Off-Highway Powertrain Services Germany GmbH


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