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Navigating the Post-Pandemic IT World With Horacio Gutierrez


As the vaccination process begins in North America, IT companies in the region are looking forward to returning to some sense of normalcy after a year of adapting and evolving to meet the changing needs of the customer. Countries like Mexico and Canada, whose economic growth is very much linked with their neighbors, the next fiscal year are expecting significant growth as the world begins to “reopen” and recover from the pandemic. Throughout the past year, companies in the IT industry and outside of the IT industry have begun to prioritize and champion adaptability in their processes and in the personnel who enact those processes.

This is just some of what’s discussed in this episode of the GITA Interviews, as host and Global IT Alliance Executive Director, Emery Geosits is joined virtually by Horacio Gutierrez in Mexico. Horacio is the managing director of Compucentro. They also discuss the benefits the Global IT Alliance has provided for customers across the globe.