Microware helps companies to prevent data hijacking caused by Ransomwares

Ransomware is a cyber hijacking done by hackers that has been shaking the corporate world since 2016. It works like this, a malware is installed on your computer, without your knowledge, and encrypts your data. Thus, it creates a key to recover your information and only releases it with a ransom payment.

The most famous of them was called “WannaCry” and devastated companies in May 2017.

To get the dimension of the subject, we gathered several important data:


  • In the past few years, 1 in 5 businesses has been attacked by ransomware.
  • “WannaCry” managed to affect more than 200 thousand systems in 150 countries.
  • 1 in 6 companies that pay or ransom never recovered their data.
  • Renault has had to shut down its largest plant in France.
  • Honda was forced to suspend one of its production facilities.


You need to be prepared, so Microware advises that your company invest in a preventive and non-reactive policy, enabling the solution in a strategic and efficient way. Without the implementation of an efficient security system, your cloud, your data center, your data and your network are vulnerable to digital files.