Microware accelerates digital transformation of schools with Google for Education

Looking to the future and seeking to be prepared for new technological demands in the field of education, Microware has established a powerful partnership with Google for Education, a collaborative educational platform based on the use of tools that enrich the experience inside and outside educational institutions.  

In addition to the use of tools designed to optimize the teaching and learning routine, which constitute the G Suite for Education, such as Google Classroom, Gmail, Drive and Calendar, it is also possible to obtain an exclusive upgrade through the management of devices offered through the Chrome Education Upgrade. 

“The school along the lines that we know is more distant every day. Learning and teaching no longer fits between four walls and it is necessary to go further. The solutions offered by Google for Education fulfill exactly this role: breaking through the walls of the school and promoting the exchange of knowledge in a more agile, dynamic and powerful way”, says Pedro Paragó, Head of Marketing Microware. 

The partnership also includes the participation of Lenovo to supply specialized Notebooks, Chromebooks, devices designed and developed for teachers and students to create. 

There are already more than 40 million students worldwide using Chromebooks, more than 120 million students and teachers using G Suite for Education and more than 100 million students and teachers using Google Classroom. 

Combining the technology of Lenovo devices with the methodological knowledge of Google for Education and the business management of Microware, this partnership proves to be firm and inspiring to help build a brighter future for the next generations.