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Looking ahead in 2023 – Message from Emery Geosits, Executive Director at Global IT Alliance


by Emery Geosits

Recently I was reading a bedtime story to my daughter. “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” a story written in 1989 by Michael Rosen. In the story, every adversity faced by the family on their journey to find the bear was met with the same mantra. “We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We’ve got to go through it!” The family faced a deep cold river, a dark forest, a snowstorm, a gloomy cave, and a few other challenges.

Here we are two months into 2023 and we hear a lot of relative sentiment in our industry. We are on a bear hunt. The forecasts are stormy, the outlook is gloomy, and the customer has cooled off, even gone dark. If you’ve been in IT for a considerable time, you have gone through it. We certainly couldn’t go over it, so the rise of IoT drove through it. We couldn’t go under it, so the solution of DaaS is born to put the customer first in tailoring a solution to their needs. Together, we are going through it. And boy, did we all go through it with the supply chain storm of the past few years.

Creativity from our community, incorporating standard and tailored solutions, will ease this time we are seeing. After a few record-breaking years, this recalibration time will result in curated, sustainable, and efficient solutions for our customers and internal organizations. We are creating through it.

The needs and challenges of organizations with a global footprint haven’t changed. Our role shifts as their focus shifts to sustainability, security, and digital transformation. Being present to help them go through it will be a differentiator. As our OEM partners reduce the size of their teams, it’s on the channel to step up and provide support where any void has been created. Our mutual reliance on one another, the vendor and channel communities, can provide an important security blanket to the global customer as they too navigate this time.

The Global IT Alliance is uniquely positioned to provide a seamless, consistent, experience for our customers, driving the outcomes they define, and holding their hand as we go through it. In the coming months, the forecast for our bear hunt remains, I hope you call on your partner ecosystem to ease your ability to go through it.