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Global Thinking with Wesley De Jong, Koos Bunnik, and David Ooms


Devising successful strategies for globalization is a top priority for companies seeking to meet their customer’s needs. As the world evolves and adapts, developing new technologies and reinventing where and how people work, the customer drives the industry’s progress. Customers are relying more and more on global supply chains, causing many to return to the drawing board and consider how processes can be improved and standardized in a way that provides flexibility and new solutions. As a company grows, how can it avoid stagnation and continue to respond to and anticipate the needs of the customer?

This is just some of what’s discussed in this extra-special episode of the GITA Interviews, as host and Global IT Alliance Executive Director Emery Geosits is joined virtually by Wesley De Jong, Koos Bunnik, and David Ooms, representing Bechtle from across the globe.