Founding member, Connection, rejoins the GITA ranks


  • Global network expands to ten partners
  • Enhanced access to US-based international companies


The Global IT Alliance (GITA) has expanded its footprint in the USA with the IT solutions provider, Connection. Headquartered in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Connection supports SMB, large enterprise and public sector customers with a portfolio of products and services spanning business resiliency, cloud, cybersecurity, data centre, network and workplace transformation, as well as digital signage and managed services. With sites in eight US states and a reach into all 50, Connection is no stranger to the Global IT Alliance. PC Connection, as it was known then, co-founded the GITA in 2013 along with Bechtle, but eventually left the group in 2016 to focus on developing its own sustainable market position, and is now rejoining the worldwide network of IT service providers.

“Connection is excited to enter into the GITA partnership network. We feel the addition of GITA and our existing GlobalServe network will give our clients the most robust comprehensive solution for their global IT needs. In today’s complex global marketplace the strong execution and experience that the GITA networks brings is unparalleled. There is no replacement for experience and GITA partners bring a wealth of experience and knowledge,” says Jamal Khan, Connection’s Chief Growth & Innovation Officer.

Emery Geosits, Executive Director, GITA, explains, “From a personal point of view, and for GITA as a whole, Connection enriches the network in more ways than one. Firstly, with GlobalServe being part of the Connection family of companies, we expect some exciting collaborations and secondly, Connection has given us access to many globally-active US companies. I’m looking forward to working with this fantastic team of experts, who will make a critical contribution to GITA’s continued development.”

“We are delighted to welcome back Connection—one of GITA’s founding members. As one of the leading IT service providers in the United States, Connection will bring considerable added value to the network. This agreement gives GITA new access to internationally active US companies, whilst enabling us to offer our European customers in particular even better service in one of the world’s most important economies. Connection’s membership is a pivotal moment for the future of our network,” says James Napp, Managing Director of Bechtle direct UK and Bechtle’s ambassador to the Global IT Alliance.

In 2021 Connection was named to the Fortune 1000 list and has twice been named by Forbes as one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies. With Agilant and Connection, GITA is now represented by two partners in the USA in order to better serve its customers. GITA also counts Compucentro (Mexico) and Microware (Brazil and other countries), as well as Compugen (Canada) and Innova Solutions (Caribbean and Ecuador) among its network of partners in the Americas—the latter two of which only joined in December 2021. The other members are Bechtle (Europe), Data#3 (Australia), Dynacons (India), as well as HKBN JOS (Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Asia).