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Digitalisation: Why family businesses should act now.

Digitalisation has become a mainstay for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some people may be sick of hearing about it, but the topic of digital transformation is here to stay as it’s more important than ever to leverage modern technologies and new ways of working to drive forward businesses and organisations alike. For large corporations, such a way of thinking is a matter of course, but for smaller, family-run businesses, this can present a real challenge.

Many family businesses are at a crossroads with the younger generation taking on the baton of leadership and attempting to modernise the company. However, they are faced with the test of having to try and completely restructure the company while using as few resources as possible. According to a study carried out by the “Familienunternehmen” foundation, 31 per cent of those surveyed said that they see digitalisation as a real opportunity for boosting productivity, optimising processes, innovation and transparency with 22 per cent admitting to the digital transformation as being a real challenge.*

How can smaller business manage a mammoth cloud project?

Infrastructure modernisation and the planned migration into the cloud are good examples of how companies can quickly reach the limits of their capabilities if they are missing the necessary in-house expertise or they simply don’t have the staff needed to tackle such a large project. On top of this come questions which no-one can answer: What steps need to be taken? Which IT infrastructure best suits your company? How can compliance be ensured and security risks kept to a minimum? Not having a well-thought-through strategy when approaching IT infrastructure modernisation or not having the right solution can quickly have far-reaching consequences such as security vulnerabilities, compliance breaches or end users rejecting the new setup to name but a few.

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