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Data centre modernisation.

New ways of working and increasing digitalisation at work is challenging the data centre as never before. Being able to access valuable company data at any time and from anywhere is not only challenging security systems, but also the data centre as a whole, which must adapt to the new reality in order to avoid bottlenecks and downtime in the future. Carry on reading to find out how our partner Cisco is responding to new requirements with its data centre architecture stack, and how Bechtle can help you bring your data centre up to speed.
The new normal, and how the data centre has to keep up.
Working from home, on the road or in teams that span the globe—the demands placed on corporate IT infrastructure have dramatically increased over the last few months. Add to that the need to share data with external service providers and freelancers so they can effectively collaborate with in-house teams. Those looking to take their first steps towards the cloud can easily find the tools to do so online, and so companies are gradually moving their apps there.