Bechtle supports Baden-Württemberg’s cutting-edge AI presentation during 30th German Unity Day celebrations

  • Bechtle collaborates with AI company Colugo of the Cyber Valley start-up network
  • Bechtle, Colugo and the state co-design a 30-day exhibit located in the heart of Potsdam

Neckarsulm, 4 September 2020 – As part of the German Unity Day 30th anniversary celebrations, the city of Potsdam will host the EinheitsEXPO beginning on 5 September 2020. Baden-Württemberg will use the occasion to showcase its clout as a future-oriented and innovative German state—together with Cyber Valley, Europe’s largest research consortium in the field of artificial intelligence. As the primary sponsor, Bechtle AG will support Colugo GmbH in providing technical equipment, as well as planning, organising and realising the installation.

Until 4 October 2020, the state, together with Bechtle and Colugo, will put a focus on the impact artificial intelligence (AI) has on society and the economy in its City Cube in Potsdam. Visitors to Baden-Württemberg’s futuristic presentation will be welcomed by a never-before-seen art installation called Grenzauflösung (roughly, dissolving borders) with a large video wall to visualise the creative process of neural networks. Artificial intelligence will interpret what’s happening outside the cube in real-time and translate it into art, allowing visitors to influence the result. The interaction will be live-streamed to AI information platform beginning on 5 September. Co-created and operated by Bechtle, this website shines a light on the social and economic aspects of AI, as well as innovative AI projects. The project introduces Bechtle and Colugo as trailblazing organisations that bring cutting-edge AI solutions to SMEs, while bolstering Baden-Württemberg’s standing as an economic hotbed.

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