Bechtle Group expands lineup in the Netherlands


  • Fondo ICT Professionals latest addition to the Bechtle Group
  • Bechtle subsidiary PQR incorporates VMware specialist
  • Bechtle continues to grow its international footprint


Neckarsulm, 4 April 2023 – Bechtle AG today announced the acquisition of Fondo ICT Professionals B.V., adding to its lineup in the Netherlands. A specialist in VMware and software applications, Fondo is a firmly established service provider for modern workplace, multi-cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions with a portfolio that blends in with that of PQR, also in the Netherlands, purchased by Bechtle in 2022. Founded in 2007, Utrecht-based Fondo has 42 employees who in the past fiscal year achieved a business volume of some 41 million euros. Since Fondo generates software revenue as an agent under the applicable recognition model, the company’s reported revenue amounts to 8.8 million euros. Fondo’s fusion into PQR is set to follow the same successful blueprint applied during the acquisition of Axez last year, and with its current executive management taking on leading roles under the new brand. 

Following its 2022 acquisitions of PQR B.V. in May, and Axez ICT Solutions B.V. in July, Bechtle is once again expanding its footprint in the Netherlands. With Fondo, the Bechtle Group is integrating a renowned specialist for products of its long-standing vendor partners, VMware and Microsoft, growing its competence in forward-facing modern-workplace, multi-cloud and SaaS solutions. Onboarding Fondo’s 42 employees, all with shining credentials in their respective fields, also allows PQR to take the pressure off the search for hard-to-come-by experts. With PQR and Fondo both based in Utrecht, Bechtle aims for the consolidated companies to operate from a shared location. The workforce within the Bechtle Group’s IT services segment in the Netherlands thus climbs to 250 people across the Utrecht and Rijswijk sites. Marc van Rinsum, Kees Vink and Marcel Lagendijk, who make up Fondo’s management board, will all remain with the company.


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