“Back to the passion” – Emery Geosits returns to GITA as executive director.

The Global IT Alliance (GITA) had him firmly under its spell and now he’s back. Eight years after GITA’s conception, co-founder Emery Geosits is now its executive director. As the new man at the helm of the international IT alliance, the experienced industry expert is aiming to raise GITA’s global profile to a whole new level. “I don’t really like IT”, said Emery Geosits once in an interview. “But I like what IT makes possible. It saves lives in hospitals and helps kids learn in schools.” Emery Geosits speaks about his first weeks in his new, old job, about the doors the IT industry will open up in the near future and how GITA is helping companies around the world make the most of these new opportunities.


What made you decide to return to GITA as Executive Director?


Emery Geosits: Since the early days of GITA, the organisation has been focused on addressing customers’ needs globally with trusted partners and talented salespeople. Back then we had a passion for doing the very best we could to provide the vendor community, account managers and of course, providing the customers the best experience. While I focused on other projects over the past few years, that passion continued to burn. After seeing firsthand how inadequate other “global solution” providers were, I knew GITA was truly the best, most comprehensive solution in the market. When I spoke to the GITA board, it was clear that I was ready to get back to the evangelisation, get back to the passion and get back the GITA mojo.


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