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Automate ITSM processes in Teams with Cognigy.


Like many other people at the moment, Peter Hansen (fictitious name), is working from home. His next Teams conference is about to start (his fourth today) and he needs to quickly access some data for it from an app……an app he has forgotten the password for! Peter ignored the e-mails he received reminding him to change his password, but he does recall from the last one that the only way he can do so is by contacting the IT Service Desk. Of course, he doesn’t really have time for that right now with the meeting due to start in five minutes!

I suspect some of you reading this have found yourselves in a similar situation to Peter. Let’s give Peter’s story a happy ending. Our main man is sitting in front of his computer with Teams open. Would it be too obvious to use this existing and well-known application to solve the problem? Peter makes a quick note of the issue in the IT Service portal.

“I need a new password for the VeryImportantReports program.”

He gets a response immediately. “No problem. Should I send the security code to your mobile number or e-mail address?” Underneath this question are two tick boxes—one for SMS and one for e-mail. Peter chooses SMS.

In a matter of seconds, Peter receives his code and types it into Teams. “Zero…eight…15”. He hits Enter.

Someone writes “Thanks, Peter. Here’s your temporary password for VeryImportantReports. Is there anything else I can help with?”

“No, thank you,” Peter writes back.

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