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Adapting to Digitalization With Daniel Reis


A year after the beginning of the global pandemic, international IT companies are shifting their infrastructures and anticipating the new needs and wants of customers drastically changing their processes. In countries outside of the United States, vaccination rates and solutions to the global pandemic have heavily influenced how companies can grow, and how quickly they can recover, from the pandemic. While many companies are already looking ahead to the next year, others continue to explore and advance what services can be offered remotely. Further, the international demand for technology slows the rate of production and delivery.

This is just some of what’s discussed in this episode of the GITA Interviews, as host and Global IT Alliance Executive Director, Emery Geosits is joined virtually by Daniel Reis in Brazil. Daniel is the sales director of Microware. They also discuss the new pressure experienced by companies both inside and outside of the IT industry to be able to provide services and goods to customers digitally.