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Accelerating New Services in a Global Pandemic with Terry Mirza


For many companies the pandemic caused innovation to be moved into the forefront so new products and services could be developed in order for their company to survive. For other companies, it caused a need to accelerate products and services that were ready to go to market but became crucial to implement quickly. Companies needed to learn to let their employees work anywhere, and they needed help fast in learning how to implement this infrastructure. It was companies like Compugen that were able to bring these services to life and help companies get through the new challenges created from a global pandemic.

In this episode of the GITA Interviews host and Global IT Alliance Executive Director, Emery Geosits is joined virtually by Terry Mirza, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Compugen. Terry discusses what a pandemic did for their company, but how they were able to come on the other side stronger than ever.